Doug Briney began like so many other musicians, singing in church. His first solo was when he was two years old. He continued singing throughout high school and then graduated in 1988 from Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College as a Vocal Music Major. During his college days, Doug had the opportunity to sing with a gospel quartet and travel all over the western half of the USA. He also had the unique opportunity to sing with the San Diego Opera Chorus. After graduating Doug went on and has spent the next 23 years leading worship in churches and pastoring.

Being a country musician in Anchorage, Alaska was fun and exciting. Doug relates to the song, I Was Country, When Country Wasn’t Cool. Growing up in Southern California, all of his friends were into rock while he was listening to Kenny Rogers, Lee Greenwood, Tom T. Hall, Eddie Arnold, Alabama and Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers. Today his influences would still include those but he’s added Chris Young, Toby Kieth and Ronnie Dunn to his list of major influences.  Doug relocated to Nashville, Tennessee in 2013 to further his career in music, and has been thrilled to meet and perform with many of the legends of country music.

Doug’s first full CD, titled, “It’s All Country” is now available right here from the music page or for digital download from iTunes, Amazon or CD Baby. Doug is very happy with this project and believes it will reach out and touch people right where they live. Songs such as: “Deja Vu” “Second Dance” “It’s More Than Just a Farm” all speak to the things in life that really matter.

Doug's second project "Super Country Cowboy" was released November 5, 2013.  With a strong title track that is really a reflection of who Doug is as a person and cowboy this track blends traditional with an edge ready for radio.  "I Get To" is a track Doug is extremely proud of and it has been a motto for his family.  Doug chose to cover a Brook's and Dunn classic "Believe" and brings a very raw emotion to the song.  This project is truly a snapshot of Doug's life in every song.  Look for it here and on iTunes and other outlets.

"Songs of Faith", recorded and produced here in Nashville in 2016, was released May 28th.  This project is a labor of love for Doug and reflects his roots as an Ordained Minister.  The first single released from this project was "Touch One Life."  This song tells the story that we can all make a difference.  The remaining nine songs are a blend of old Gospel music made new and a couple newer praise songs.  It is now available through iTunes and other digital outlets.

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Doug is a proud member of CMA.

Doug is a proud member of CMA.

Now Available on iTunes


Doug's Acoustic Guitar is the WS1000 Rainsong and has travelled a lot of hard miles.  A great sounding and very rugged guitar.

Doug's Acoustic Guitar is the WS1000 Rainsong and has travelled a lot of hard miles. A great sounding and very rugged guitar.